About Us


Wood L&M Solutions results from the joining of two separate firms - a law firm, Wood Legal Solutions, and a project management firm, Wood Management Solutions Pty Ltd. Our clients often require advice and/or assistance in both practice areas and want a 'one stop shop' that services both. Wood L&M Solutions is a unique firm that does this.

Our principal, Tracey Wood, is a structural engineer, project manager and lawyer. Our other director, Jason Wood, was an electronics technician with the Australian Defence Force and has extensive experience in construction coordination, management and supervision.

Collectively, they have accumulated over 40 years of experience in the construction industry:

    - drafting, negotiating and managing contracts;
      - developing and implementing project, contract and financial management systems to assist with the delivery of projects;
        - developing and implementing risk management systems;
          - representing Principals with respect to construction contracts;
            - acting as Superintendent with respect to construction contracts;
              - resolving and managing disputes throughout projects as well as at the end of projects;
                - representing professional indemnity insurers in defending construction litigation;
                  - drawing submissions for BCIPA adjudications.

                  We also have access to, and work with, other professionals who can provide additional assistance when necessary to ensure a full service delivery to you as required for your particular matter.

                  Why we are different

                  A key point of difference in engaging Wood L&M Solutions to assist you is our intimate knowledge of the construction industry at all levels. It is critical that any person working in the construction industry understands what is being constructed, how it is being constructed, the interaction between the parties and, most importantly, the key drivers for each party. Setting a project up for success and not dispute is critical to success.

                  We have worked with Principals, Developers, Head Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Engineers, Architects and other parties associated with construction projects.

                  We know what you need to do and what you want from your project and can help you to achieve those goals.

                  Our Practice Values

                  Our practice values focus on:

                    - project outcomes;
                      - efficiency and economy;
                        - flexible services with flexible fee structures;
                          - start and execution of a project to avoid disputes arising at the end of a project; and
                            - achieving project success.

                            Our Service Areas

                            We are available to discuss your project via telephone or email and can meet with you at a time that is convenient. We are able to assist on projects in all areas of Queensland - in particular South East Queensland including Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas where we have offices.