Our Services - Contracts

Wood L&M Solutions has a detailed knowledge of how projects progress and why disputes often arise.

This fundamental understanding allows us to identify the key issues that need to be covered by the terms of the construction contract.

We are able to draft your construction contract for you, review proposed contracts to identify any areas that need further consideration or have significant risks, and negotiate terms with the other party on your behalf.

We are also able to provide you with assistance to set up management processes within your organisation to assist your existing staff to manage your construction contracts better to mitigate your risk.

If a contract is heading for dispute, we are able to intervene early on in the project to assist with the resolution of the dispute before it has a significant impact on your project and before costly legal processes become a necessity.


Our Services - Principal's Representative/Superintendent

Wood L&M Solutions Pty Ltd may be engaged as the Principal's Respresentative or the Superintendent for all types of construction contracts - large or small.

We understand that some Principals prefer not to use the services of a Superintendent, however require assistance with managing the contract and the contractor. In that instance, we can be engaged as the Principal's Representative. Our scope of services can be tailored to suit your requirements and your experience.

The Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 (Qld) has had a significant impact on payments under a construction contract. It has also had a significant impact on the role of Superintendents. It is vital that your Superintendent understands the BCIPA and its impact on your construction contract. If not, you may be ordered to make an unscheduled payment to your contractor which may be difficult to later recover. Further, you may incur significant additional costs to respond to a BCIPA claim if your Superintendent does not manage your contract well and provide Payment Schedules that provide all of the reasons that you may want to rely upon in an adjudication response.


Our Services - BCIPA

The Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 has had a significant impact on disputes between the parties to a construction contract.

Whether you are the Contractor or the Principal, it is imperative that you understand your rights and obligations under the BCIP Act and to ensure that you execute the contract in accordance with the Act.

The role of the Superintendent under a construction contract has changed as a result of the introduction of the BCIP Act and it is critical for all parties, the Principal, the Superintendent and the Contractor, to understand the changes to ensure that your rights are not adversely affected as a result of the inclusion of a Superintendent on the project.

Wood L&M Solutions is able to assist with the drawing of the following in relation to the BCIP Act:

    - Payment Claims;
      - Payment Schedules;
        - Adjudication Applications;
          - Adjudication Responses;
            - Further submissions if requested by the Adjudicator.


            Our extensive experience in the administration of construction contracts and our understanding of the execution of projects provides you, as the client, with the knowledge necessary to either claim or defend a claim on the strongest grounds possible.

            In the event that you have received an adjudication decision that is not in your favour, we are able to review the decision to determine your prospects of success in applying for an urgent injunction to stay the enforcement of the adjudication decision and applying for the decision to be set aside. There are very narrow grounds on which an adjudication decision may be set aside and time is critical if you wish to make such an application. Please contact us urgently if you wish to consider making applications such as these.

            Our Services - Legal Consulting

            Wood L&M Solutions is able to provide advice on a consulting basis to other law firms and/or lawyers on matters such as:

              - professional indemnity insurance claims (for plaintiffs and defendants);
                - construction law litigation;
                  - briefing of and liaison with engineering and construction experts;
                    - forensic engineering analyses; and
                      - any other construction law related matter.


                      Our Services - Project Management Consulting

                      Managing projects requires more than simply dealing with "paperwork". Managing a project requires close monitoring of time, cost and quality as well as timely dispute resolution when necessary. The directors of our firm have many years of experience successfully managing each of these major aspects of projects and have personally developed numerous electronic systems to assist.

                      Document management is critical to good management as construction contracts typically involve thousands of documents e.g. design documents, variation claims, EOT claims, directions, payment claims, defective work notices etc. Time is always short on projects and easy retrieval of key documents and key details of a project is a necessity. Efficiency and effectiveness are keys to successfuul project management.

                      We have a passion for great project management and can tailor any system to suit the needs of you and your staff or we can create new systems to help you manage your own projects.

                      Alternatively, we can manage your project for you from feasibility / schematic design stage through design and documentation.

                      Our Services - Expert Determinations

                      Tracey Wood is a certified expert determiner who is able to work with the parties to resolve a dispute that arises under a construction contract. Agreement will be reached between the parties and us regarding the way in which the determination will progress and also whether the determination will be final or if it can be challenged in the courts.