Fee Structure

Wood L&M Solutions provides legal and project management services using either a time based or fixed fee structure depending upon the scope of the work and/or your particular circumstances.

Some of our clients prefer the certainty of a fixed fee for a fixed scope of work whilst others prefer the flexibility of a time based fee. Please discuss your particular preference with us when you contact us. We are more than happy to work with you to agree the basis of our fee for your particular matter.

Time Based Fees

Once we understand your instructions to us, we will provide you with an estimate of our fees to complete that work. We will also provide you with an indication of what additional fees may apply depending upon how the matter progresses.

Fixed Fees

Where feasible, we can provide you with a fixed fee to undertake a particular scope of work. There are many legal processes which are difficult to undertake on a fixed fee basis at a broad level but individual tasks can be undertaken on a fixed fee basis in a lot of instances. A good example of where a fixed fee is possible is the review of a construction contract or the drafting of a construction contract. Please discuss this option with us if you would prefer a fixed fee for a fixed scope of work. Generally, we provide our Principal's Representative and Superintendent services on a fixed fee basis. However, our fees are not a percentage of the construction cost of the project. We believe our fee should reflect the services required and that our focus should remain on good management.