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Wood L&M Solutions was formed in 2016 from the merger of Wood Legal Solutions and Wood Management Solutions. Clients needed a "One Stop Shop" that could provide construction law advice that was practical as well as accurate along with assistance in the management of their projects and their contracts. Clients often need advice and/or assistance in both practice areas.

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#Our Experience

Collectively, Tracey and Jason have accumulated nearly 50 years of experience in the building and construction industry:

  • drafting, negotiating and managing construction contracts;
  • developing and implementing project, contract and financial management systems to assist with the delivery of projects;
  • developing and implementing risk management systems;
  • representing principals and contractors with respect to construction contracts;
  • assisting head contractors and subcontractors with construction projects and QBCC disciplinary actions;
  • acting as Superintendent for various construction contracts;
  • resolving and managing disputes throughout projects as well as at the end of projects;
  • representing contractors and their professional indemnity insurers in defending construction litigation; and
  • drafting submissions for BCIPA/BIFA/BCISOPA adjudications (applications and responses).

Wood L&M Solutions also has access to, and works with, other professionals who can provide additional assistance when necessary to ensure a full-service delivery to its clients when required.


A leadership team with experience

Tracey Wood


Jason Wood
Jason Wood


Tracey is a structural engineer, project manager, lawyer and adjudicator. Tracey has been been working in the building and construction industry for nearly 30 years and has been extensively involved in legislative reform with Master Builders since 2016.Tracey has actively worked with the QBCC and the Department of Energy and Public Works during this time to make positive changes for the industry with regard to legislation and regulatory processes, and has assisted numerous contractors to challenge QBCC decisions where those processes were not followed correctly. 

Tracey has played a key role in the extensive range of amendments that have been made to the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 since 2016 and will continue wherever possible to do what is best for the industry. Tracey is also the principal lecturer in Contract Administration at the Queensland University of Technology.

Jason was an electronics technician with the Australian Defence Force for ten years in the 1990's and has since worked as a project and contracts manager. Jason has extensive experience in construction coordination, management and supervision. 

Jason also has experience in developing software to assist the industry in streamlining its contract and project management processes.  Jason's ability to understand, and his first-hand knowledge and experience with, what is needed to successfully manage projects on site provides him with a unique perspective when dealing with technology/software systems and processes.  

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Jessica Connellan


Jess is an experienced construction lawyer who has spent over 5 years helping the building and construction industry to do better.  Jess worked with Tracey at Master Builders Members Legal and focused on educating builders and subcontractors on their contracts and the legislative requirements that affect their business.  

Jess is very keen to be a part of legislative reform if it helps the industry and assisting licensees with QBCC decisions.  Jess is very experienced with the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 and can help clients tweak their systems to comply with the extensive list of requirements.

Virginia Ukpabi

Administration Assistant / Paralegal

Virginia completed a Juris Doctor degree at Griffith University after relocating from Canada.  Virginia is currently completing her Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and is expecting to be admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland in early 2022.  

Virginia has extensive legal research experience and understands that the law (particularly construction law) can be complex and difficult to manage with the significant level of legislative overlay that applies to Queensland.

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