Legal Services

Contract Advice

Wood L&M Solutions has a detailed knowledge of how projects progress and why disputes often arise. This fundamental understanding allows us to identify the key issues that need to be addressed by the terms of the construction contract.

We are able to draft your construction contract for you (head contracts / subcontracts), review proposed contracts to identify any areas that need further consideration or have significant risks, and/or negotiate terms with the other party on your behalf.

If a contract is heading for dispute, we are able to intervene early on in the project to assist with the resolution of the dispute before it has a significant impact on your project and before costly legal processes become a necessity.

Legal Consulting

Wood L&M Solutions is able to provide advice on a consulting basis to other law firms and/or lawyers on matters such as:

  • professional indemnity insurance claims (for plaintiffs and defendants);
  • construction law litigation;
  • briefing of and liaison with engineering and construction experts;
  • forensic engineering matters; and
  • any other construction law related matter.

We can also assist other law firms if they need additional help on a short term basis for a large matter and accept referrals from other firms.

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